Hello, I'm Robin!  I'm looking forward to connecting with you! I would really love it if you could take a few moments to tell me about yourself before we book a time for our Clarity Call.
What is your name?

What is your phone number?

What is your Skype user name?

Tell me your wildest most outrageous dreams, your biggest goals,  deepest desires.  If money were no object, if time and space were not a factor, if nothing was in your way!

(go ahead, think big here, dream big, have fun!)
On the topic of SUCCESS.  Do you feel successful in your life?  What does success mean to you? Would you like to be more successful?

On the topic of PASSION.  What is going well?  What is keeping you up at night or creating tension in your life?

Passion can be anything from your relationship to your career.   If you are experiencing burnout or fatigue in relation to your passion, this is your spot to tell me all about it.
What tangible results are you hoping to gain in our time working together?

If we decide that working together is a good fit, are you already familiar with my coaching packages and do you feel ready to commit time and money toward getting the support you need?

I offer an optional amplifier to get even more powerful results for my clients using sexual energy and pleasure.  I will utilize nourishing and transformative pleasure practices as a way to support your transformation process and open you to new possibilities for your life.  Is this something you feel you would like to explore with me?

All sexual practices will be given as homework, we will speak candidly in our sessions about your sexual history & current feelings.  I work with tools created by Layla Martin and have worked extensively with these tools both in my personal practice and throughout my training program.   My desire is to help you uncover your original wholeness, innocence and playfulness around your experience of sexual pleasure while also tapping into a deeply nourishing source of energy to heal your nervous system and create vitality and joy in your life.

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